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Biometrics are gradually settling into our daily life, it is one of the major challenges for a more secure and fluid world. The market for authentication and identification products is growing rapidly (it is expected to increase by 20% by 2024), due to the growing need for security for everyone, in the private, professional or public domain.

Where are biometrics used?

Biometrics are used more and more for identity documents, in airports, prisons, access to secure premises, electronic voting, security of bank payments or transactions via the Internet.

It is an alternative to passwords and other identifiers to remove doubt about the identity. It verifies that the user is the person they claim to be.

At Biotime, we offer several biometric readers and optical sensors for the protection of your premises.

Biometrics: A versatile technology

It is an established technology which can be based on several technologies: fingerprints, 2D face, 3D face, iris, retina, voice, venous network, shape of the hand, behavioural (dynamic signature, keystroke, navigation on a tablet or smartphone, way of walking).

For an even more robust authentication system, several biometric (multimodal) methods can be combined simultaneously. However, the improvement in security resulting from the use of biometrics should not infringe individual freedoms.

Biometric applications are generally associated with other security technologies such as smart cards or encryption.

The advantages of biometrics

Security: Reduce fraud attempts. Remove doubt about the identity.

Trust: Biometrics increase trust in systems, for the administrator and for the user.

Ease: it generates user satisfaction thanks to the ease of use and the elimination of constraints.

Economy: A big advantage is the reduction in operating costs by automating the identification process.

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