Smart gates revolutionize travel in Dubai

Article 97 : Smart gates revolutionize travel in Dubai

The world of air travel is witnessing a remarkable transformation, especially in Dubai, where technological innovation is taking a new dimension. Smart gates, incorporating facial and fingerprint recognition, now offer travelers a seamless and unprecedented experience. Let’s take a closer look at how this advancement is shaping the future of air travel.

A major technological leap

Dubai positions itself at the forefront of technological progress in the aviation field. In 2023, over 21 million passengers benefited from the efficiency of smart gates spread across the city’s airports. These devices, reading travelers’ fingerprints and faces, have significantly reduced the time spent at passport and immigration controls, demonstrating Dubai’s capacity to innovate and continuously improve the travel experience.

The introduction of these gates is not a recent development; it dates back to 2002 with the e-gates, before evolving to smart gates in 2017. This evolution culminated with the abandonment of traditional documents in favor of complete biometric recognition, a change accelerated by the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Impact on travelers’ experience

The efficiency of smart gates is undeniable. They have not only facilitated a quick and secure passage for millions of travelers but have also significantly improved the overall passenger experience. The customer satisfaction rate, measured at 98%, reflects the general appreciation for this innovation. Families, visa holders, and pre-registered passengers all benefit from this ease of access, highlighting the system’s universality and accessibility.

The adoption of these technologies has seen a dramatic increase in the number of users, from 5.5 million in 2017 to over 21 million in 2023. This growth not only reflects the efficiency of the smart gates but also their ability to meet the challenges posed by the pandemic, by eliminating the need for physical contact and speeding up the immigration process.

Towards a future of simplified travel

The future of travel in Dubai looks promising, with ongoing initiatives to improve and simplify the airport experience. Collaborations with airlines to integrate smart gate instructions directly onto boarding passes, as well as training airport staff to better assist travelers, show Dubai’s commitment to an optimal user experience.

These advancements position Dubai as a global leader in using technology to enhance the travel experience. By welcoming delegations from around the world eager to learn from these innovative practices, Dubai is not only revolutionizing travel for its own citizens and visitors but is also setting the standards for the airports of the future.