Unlocking the Future: Dubai Police’s Use of Biometric Technology in Crime Fighting

Article 85 : Unlocking the Future: Dubai Police's Use of Biometric Technology in Crime Fighting

Dubai, a beacon of futurism and technology, brings forth an innovative approach in policing, making it increasingly hard for criminals to escape the dragnet. Dive into the sophisticated world of biometrics and discover how the Dubai Police harness its power to combat crime.

Dubai’s Foray into Biometrics: Beyond Facial Recognition

While many global law enforcement agencies rely heavily on facial recognition and fingerprinting, the Dubai Police have extended their reach into more innovative biometric techniques. In scenarios where faces are concealed or CCTV footage is unclear, they’ve turned to less conventional biometrics: the unique way a person walks or the distinctive shape of their hands and ears.

Such features might seem inconspicuous to the untrained eye. Still, to the experts at the Dubai Police, these identifiers offer invaluable insights. Tapping into an expansive video database from various CCTV sources, they’re able to compare and contrast footage, narrowing down on potential suspects with precision. Since the inception of this technology in 2016, over 3,000 culprits have been apprehended, demonstrating the effectiveness of these biometric readers in real-world applications.

Covid-19: A Challenge Turned Opportunity

One might think that the widespread use of masks during the Covid-19 pandemic posed a hindrance to biometric identification. Contrarily, it shone a spotlight on the Dubai Police’s advanced biometric capabilities. When facial features were obscured, the focus shifted to analyzing the gait or body shape of individuals, further solidifying the importance of diversified biometric techniques.

Lt Col Dr Hamad Al Awar, the visionary at the helm of video and image examination at Dubai Police’s forensic e-evidence department, elaborated on the nuances of this system. Using specialized cameras, they capture the subtleties of an individual’s movement. From the swing of their arms to the stride of their feet, every detail is scrutinized. The information is then transformed into a biometric template and juxtaposed against a database, revealing potential matches.

Collaboration and Continued Innovation

The Dubai Police’s commitment to pioneering crime-fighting technology doesn’t stop at their jurisdiction. In fact, their expertise and tools have been extended to assist other forces within the UAE. One such breakthrough, reported by The National in 2021, is the “brain fingerprinting” tool. Following rigorous trials, this advanced tool was integrated into active investigations. Suspects are fitted with a specialized skullcap, monitoring brain activity as they’re exposed to statements linked to the crime. It’s a testament to the lengths Dubai Police are willing to go, always staying one step ahead in the ever-evolving game of crime and punishment.

In a world where technology and biometrics are paving the path for the future of policing, Dubai stands at the forefront, turning challenges into opportunities and ensuring that justice always prevails.