Unveiling the new VisionPass SP: biometric security refined

Article 95 : Unveiling the new VisionPass SP: biometric security refined

The rise of biometric technology has revolutionized access security methods. IDEMIA, the industry leader in security solutions, introduces its latest innovation: the VisionPass SP. This device is transforming facial recognition technology with cutting-edge advancements, providing unparalleled security for businesses of all sizes.

VisionPass SP vs. VisionPass: what’s the difference?

The VisionPass SP stands out with its compact size and user-friendly 5-inch touchscreen interface, designed for seamless integration at every doorway. Targeted at businesses seeking an efficient and accessible biometric security solution, it employs the RGB – Face V3 recognition algorithm and features a modular capture area up to one meter.

In contrast, the original VisionPass caters to high-end security installations in lobbies, boasting a larger 7-inch screen and a fixed capture area. Both products by IDEMIA, the classic VisionPass uses the Face V2 algorithm without infrared LED illumination, differentiating their applications and context of use.

Biometrics at the forefront of innovation

Biometrics is at the heart of the innovation brought by the VisionPass SP. With level 1beta fake face detection and a database designed for 50K 1:N, IDEMIA emphasizes uncompromised security. Both models offer various credential verification options, but the SP stands out with its low energy consumption, operating at just 7W in active mode and 3W in eco mode.

Why opt for VisionPass SP?

The VisionPass SP strikes the perfect balance between advanced biometric security and ease of integration. Its reduced power consumption and fast, accurate facial recognition capabilities make it the ideal choice for environmentally conscious businesses that do not want to compromise on security. The VisionPass SP is not just a product; it’s IDEMIA’s promise for a more secure future through facial recognition technology.