VisionPass: The ultimate facial recognition access control device

VisionPass - Biotime Biometrics

VisionPass is the latest member of the IDEMIA series of frictionless biometric access control devices and the most powerful facial recognition device on the market. This robust device, developed in cooperation with partners and end users, can check movement from multiple angles and identify in less than 1 second, under various lighting conditions and can withstand all kinds of fraud attempts.

VisionPass: The essential facial recognition device

IDEMIA combines years of experience in developing algorithms and facial recognition devices for the most demanding applications (governments, airports, etc.) with the latest advances in AI to provide the most powerful facial recognition devices of the access control market. VisionPass has two main advantages:

  • Fully hands-free: no need to interact with the device
  • Wide-angle detection is suitable for people of all sizes (1.20-2.00 m) and lateral approach.

VisionPass: Performance, security and convenience

VisionPass incorporates the latest IDEMIA identity theft detection mechanisms and resists identity theft attempts. It can easily deal with face changes (helmet, change of haircut, glasses, etc.)

It presents the most advanced optical components, combining 2D, 3D and infrared cameras and stereo image processing algorithms, can provide:

  • High performance: near-motion 1-second matching with up to 40,000 users
  • Identity theft prevention attempts: images, 3D masks, etc.
  • Effective in all lighting conditions: from total darkness to strong sunlight

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