A complete info guide on the Morphowave SP

Article 50 : A complete info guide on the Morphowave SP

The MorphoWave SP is a contactless fingerprint terminal with a simplified profile that can serve up to 10 000 user records. Morphowave XP is a biometric high performance reader used in the most demanding work projects. The two are manufactured by IDEMIA which have the latest advances in artificial intelligence uses. These biometrics are efficient as you can operate them with dirty, wet and dry hands or even damaged fingerprints.

Thanks to their high-performance technology and efficiency, these biometric readers have become a benchmark to many companies and offer a wide range of security for large financial institutions, hospitals, schools and critical infrastructure facilities generally speaking.

Key Features of MorphoWave SP

User-Friendly Design

It has a simplified design with stylish pattern and bright colors on both sides. The LED Indicators give all information about the status of the device.

High Accuracy

It has high accuracy and performance; it can scan and verify four fingers in less than a second and of up to ten thousand users.

Uses Contactless Technology

It can identify users with just a simple contactless wave on the hand using either the right or left hand and putting it in any direction. It can also work with damaged, wet or dry fingers.

Capability of Multi-Factor Authentication

Has in-built BLE and RFID readers; therefore, it has the capability of reading all kinds of technological contactless cards and mobile credentials.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Installation of this kind of biometric fingerprint scanners is easy and therefore, very quick to install saving you time. It is also easy to maintain saving you on unnecessary costs.

Main Advantages of MorphoWave SP

3D Scanning Technology

They use the technology of four fingerprint 3D scanning. When you are registered, you simply wave your hand through the scanner, and the MorphoWave matches each print of your finger to verify your identity.

Contactless Technology

Contactless technology has grown in demand and it can be used for authentication options and security purposes.