Biometric readers by Biotime Biometrics

Article 62 : Biometric readers by Biotime Biometrics

Are you looking to improve security in your space? Look no further Biotime Biometrics has the best biometric readers. With this technology, you can improve access control to your premise.

Products from Biotime Biometrics are from IDEMIA, which is expert and world leader in biometrics. The biometric products have been equipped with the most recent biometric algorithms to enhance your security level. With this product, you are guaranteed to have the highest level of security.

The biometric can work in different environments. The readers are compatible with most devices that allow you to connect the reader with the device you are most comfortable with.

What is unique with IDEMIA and its readers?

According to your specification, you can get from simple to complex readers with more security functions and features. IDEMIA is ranked as the best company which manufactures biometric readers. They have technology that will suit your needs. Apart from dealing with security, the readers can be used as time and attendance for your workers.

IDEMIA’s solutions, encompassing contact and contactless fingerprint, hybrid vein/print and facial recognition readers, have been deployed in many industries worldwide.

The Sigma Range products

SIGMA Range is a multi-device family for fingerprint access control and time & attendance recording. Building upon IDEMIA’s successes in biometrics, SIGMA devices offer unprecedented accuracy, reliability and cost-effective solutions for leveraging biometric security within private or public organizations.
We can cite for example:

  • SIGMA Wide
  • SIGMA Lite and Lite+
  • Sigma Extreme

Consistently achieving top-tier performance in NIST evaluations, IDEMIA provides customers with a wealth of expertise in biometrics combining high-speed processing devices that can support large databases.

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