Biometric technologies: solutions for unconstrained identification

fingerprint sensors devices

The identification of living organisms finds many technological expressions and there is no longer any doubt about the potential of biometrics in terms of security. So much so that the future of access control does not seem possible without its contribution

From corporate access control to securing computer data, including the fight against examination fraud and vehicle start-up, the uses of biometrics have extended well beyond criminological analysis. A security technology that is as much acclaimed as it is criticized, biometrics makes it possible to ensure the reliability of identification, by taking into account morphological and / or behavioral elements unique to each individual.

From one biometric to another

Biometrics are seen as a more comfortable alternative to a traditional access control solution. 

Fingerprint, iris, face, configuration of the veins, palm print, voice recognition, typing dynamics of the keyboard, signature and perhaps one day the gait or the smile… the domain of biometrics is distinguished by the variety of technologies involved. In a market where technological competition is strong, how is the choice of one solution over another motivated?

The choice of biometric technology depends on its use and the level of security sought. Taking into account each of their characteristics, each biometrics solution is therefore dedicated to specific applications.

The fingerprint still has a bright future ahead of it

Fingerprint recognition has established itself as the dominant biometric technology: 50% market share.

Its success can be explained above all by its very competitive price positioning and by its ease of use. 

At Biotime Biometrics we provide you with static fingerprint readers where the finger simply has to be placed in like the SIGMA range and a dynamic fingerprint reader: MorphoWave Compact which is a technology which therefore combines two biometric characteristics: the fingerprint and the dynamics of movement.

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