Is face recognition safer than a fingerprint?

fingerprint recognition vs facial recognition

We are living in a time when technology is advancing very quickly. It is therefore vital to keep all of our security systems under control. Software or fingerprint sensors have consistently provided the world with very good security for over half a decade.

By comparing these two security measures, we can say that fingerprint recognition and facial recognition have a bright future ahead of them; because as we evolve daily, these inventions have come a long way from their days of discovery.

Face Recognition

Facial recognition has several advantages:

  • Enhanced security: Only your face is able to unlock the device.
  • Convenience and simplicity:  Compared to fingerprint biometrics, it is much more inclusive, allowing everyone to access their technology effortlessly. Unlocking supports does not require any specific action which is absolutely amazing for people with any type of disability.

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Fingerprint Recognition

Likewise, fingerprint recognition is no exception. It also has many advantages:

  • Precision : To this day, fingerprint recognition remains the most accurate solution when it comes to verifying the identity and authenticating a user.
  • Affordability : The technology is affordable and easy to use and apply. It is used in authentication and access processes in many types of electronic devices as well as many security systems.
  • Secured : Today, it is difficult to recreate a fingerprint because every human in the world has different characteristics that result in different fingerprints. This is what makes fingerprint recognition one of the most secure solutions.

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Today, these two technologies have proven their worth. But now it is possible to combine various verification systems to provide rock-solid security, and using multi-factor authentication has proven to be the best option to protect user accounts and devices.

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