Importance of biometric fingerprinting technology

biometric technology

Biometrics is a very strong authentication mechanism because it can be based on several technologies: fingerprint, face, iris … which makes the recognition process more complex and secure. Passwords and tokens are very vulnerable to loss or theft. A weak or compromised password is the number one reason for the increase in security and data breach cases.

The emergence of biometric fingerprinting

Fingerprint recognition looks for the unique patterns of ridges and valleys that are present in an individual’s fingerprint. These patterns are unique to each individual and thus help identify them among an entire population. Fingerprints are inherent to every person and cannot be lost or stolen, which makes them very reliable. In addition, the availability of fingerprint readers, coupled with easy integration capabilities, has led to the large-scale deployment of fingerprint biometrics in various enterprises.

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The reliability of fingerprint biometrics

Biometrics is based on statistical algorithms. It cannot therefore be 100% reliable when it is implemented alone.

For several years now, the combination of several biometrics with each other, called multimodal biometrics, for example the face and the iris or the iris and the fingerprints, has made it possible to considerably reduce the error rates.

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