Morphowave Compact : Contactless fingerprint for frictionless access everywhere

MorphoWave Compact

In 2014, IDEMIA launched a jewel of contactless technology: MorphoWave Compact. This biometric reader is able to read in less than a second, the four fingerprints of your hand, on the fly. A contactless system, fast, precise and hygienic! It is in fact this biometric reader that IDEMIA has chosen to secure access to its headquarters in Paris.

Who can use MorphoWave Compact ?

It is a fast and secure solution for high-end public buildings, offices and leisure facilities that want reliable, high-quality entry control, and that performs well in all environments.

What are the strengths of MorphoWave Compact?

  • Simplicity and security

Users are identified with a simple swipe from hand to hand.

Patented contactless sensor technology 3D scans 4 fingers, ensuring the most accurate and reliable fingerprint recognition for maximum security.

  • Large flow of people or high traffic area

The reader’s rapid, contactless identification capability allows users to stay on the move while being formally identified.

Faster access control reduces overall costs and increases employee productivity.

  • Versatile and easy deployment

With its IP65 rating and PoE + power supply, the compact wall reader ensures that MorphoWave technology can be deployed anywhere.

MorphoWave Compact is already integrated with more than 25 of the industry’s leading access control panels.

If you want to know more about MorphoWave Compact, visit our dedicated page where you can download its brochure. For any request, you can contact us via our contact form.