SIGMA : Fingerprint access control range

SIGMA RANGE - Biotime Biometrics

You are a public or private organization? Access control management plays an important role in the security of your buildings. As for time and attendance data, they are useful for your HR department. The SIGMA range from IDEMIA is the solution to effectively manage your fingerprint access control to secure your premises. These contact biometric devices offer unprecedented precision, reliability and access control and time and attendance solutions. They are tailored to meet specific customer needs and to ensure the best user experience.

New naming for the MorphoAccess Sigma Range

IDEMIA simplifies the readers names by removing “MorphoAccess” and “Series” and simply keeping the famous SIGMA.

Now MorphoAccess SIGMA Series becomes SIGMA WIDE , the others are still SIGMA Extreme, Lite and Lite +

The SIGMA range

This multi-device family includes:

  • SIGMA Lite: A slim and powerful touch fingerprint device to equip door frames and mullions, server rack door or turnstiles. It simply guides users with a LED indicator.
  • SIGMA Lite+: Engineered with the same attention to detail and performance as SIGMA Lite, but with additional extended features thanks to its 2.8” touchscreen.
  • SIGMA Wide: Undoubtedly the most flexible fingerprint biometric scanner. With a 5” touchscreen, it is ideal for displaying content and promoting corporate branding.
  • SIGMA Extreme: Designed for harsh environments and weather conditions, this touch fingerprint device provides an IK09 protection for outdoors installation in labour-intensive sites and extreme use cases thanks to its unique patented fingerprint sensor.

More info about SIGMA range ? you can visit our web page or contact us. Don’t hesitate to download the different brochures.