Contactless solutions for the world of tomorrow: MorphoWave Compact & VisionPass

MorphoWave Compact & VisionPass - Biotime Biometrics

VisionPass and MorphoWave Compact are two of the best performing solutions from the range of contactless biometric access control devices.

VisionPass the ultimate facial recognition device

IDEMIA has combined its latest advances in artificial intelligence and facial recognition algorithms with an advanced optical assembly combining 2D, 3D and infrared cameras. VisionPass offers many advantages:

  • Allows to be identified in motion in less than a second thanks to powerful algorithms.
  • For more comfort, VisionPass works in all light conditions, from total darkness to full sun, with all types of faces, and at different vertical and horizontal angles to adapt to users of different sizes.
  • VisionPass’s primary mission is access control and security; it can counter identity theft with a 3D image, video or mask.
  • As a contactless solution, it is practical and hygienic.

MorphoWave Compact : A touchless fingerprint device

MorphoWave is a patented 3D contactless fingerprint reading technology. Today, organizations need secure and reliable access control devices on a daily basis. MorphoWave Compact is a hygienic and ergonomic solution capable of reading a large volume of fingerprints without contact. It is very easy to use because in a single wave of the hand, the device identifies you with maximum precision. Users are guaranteed to be comfortable and have a smooth access control experience with a single gesture.