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MorphoAccess Sigma Range - Biotime Biometrics

Biometrics are revolutionizing access control. Do you know the biometric readers of the MorphoAccess range designed by IDEMIA? Pioneers in access control and time management with quick identification by fingerprint, these 3 products offer you fluid access control into secure areas.

The MorphoAccess Sigma Lite

This is the latest addition  in the MorphoAccess SIGMA range. Unlike its predecessor, its advantage is an optimized design for small surfaces such as door frames, turnstiles or server racks. In addition, it is robust and efficient (vandal-resistant). Indeed, he is able to recognize false fingers. It therefore constitutes a go-anywhere for fast and efficient access control. In Sigma Lite + version, it has a color touch screen with PIN authentication,and  configurable options!

The MorphoAccess Sigma Series

It is undoubtedly the best terminal dedicated to time management. The MorphoAccess SIGMA Series has a fluid and intuitive interface that makes it easy to use like a tablet. In addition, its robustness (detection of false fingers) and its resistance outdoors (bad weather) are no longer to be demonstrated. In addition to the fingerprint, it also has other contactless features such as NFC.

The MorphoAccess SIGMA Extreme

As mentioned in our previous article, the MorphoAccess SIGMA Extreme is known for its flawless waterproofness. This is the device made to withstand harsh weather conditions while maintaining very good quality fingerprint recognition.

Finally, for its 3 MorphoAccess, you also have the possibility of using access cards!

The MorphoAccess Sigma range from IDEMIA is the most reliable in terms of biometrics thanks to their versatility and easy handling.

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