Biotime: Our businesses around biometrics

Biometrics devices - Biotime Biometrics

Biotime biometrics is the authorized distributor of the world leader IDEMIA. Our core business is biometrics. In this sense, we provide you with biometric fingerprint readers such as the ones from the MorphoAccess SIGMA range, but also contactless readers such as the MorphoWave Compact. We are also developing solid software solutions that are compatible with our biometric devices for access control, time attendance, and member management.

Biometrics & access control

To effectively secure your premises, our biometric readers provide you with reliable access control. They are able to identify any person whose physiological characteristics (eye, hand print, etc.) are previously recorded in a database or card. With access control, there is no more risk of intrusion, false fingers are detected effectively. Your building and your employees are safe. For a centralised management, we will provide MorphoManager which is the software allowing global management of biometric access. It is compatible with the entire MorphoAccess range.

Biometrics & time management (Time attendance)

Do you want to manage the entry and exit times of your employees or their absences? Our biometric systems can do this. The possibilities are vast. Thanks to our software, you can even combine access control and time attendance, which is an essential asset for managing your human resources.

Biometrics & member management

With our IDEMIA biometric readers, you can also manage your customers. Indeed, our team of developers is able to set up tailor-made systems in accordance with your needs. For example, our team of experts has set up software for running a sports club.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any request or projects concerning biometrics and our products. We are available by e-mail or through our contact form !