Fingerprint Biometrics: Switch them temporary to contactless card mode

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Biometric readers have become essential to ensure the security of your premises. Many of you are using biometric readers such as MorphoAccess Sigma Lite, MorphoAccess Sigma Extreme or mobile solution as MorphoTablet 2S. However, in this period of deconfinement where sanitary measures are to be respected, how to keep using your digital biometric readers and remain compliant with the new measures?

An alternative exists: The contactless card

For better and safe management of comings and goings of the personnel of your company while respecting the barrier gestures against the spread of the Covid-19, you can switch your biometric readers to contactless card only mode. Indeed, your device might have an embedded card reader. For example the MorphoAccess Sigma Extreme is available in 4 versions depending on the embedded card reader. Prox®, iClass® or MIFARE® / DESFire® / NFC (4)

As a result, people with access to the premises benefit from an efficient alternative for getting around and being reassured about compliance with hygiene standards.

Disinfect your biometric devices

Using the card reader is fine but on top of that we also recommend you to regularly disinfect your biometric readers. You will find all the details on disinfection in our dedicated article here.

If you want to know more about the arrangements for your readers, contact us! We remain available.