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MorphoWave Compact - Biotime Biometrics

Biotime Biometrics has designed accessories and options for IDEMIA biometric readers in order to protect the devices, have them last longer and for greater convenience: protective housing made of stainless steel, stylus, desk stand or pedestal.

Our protective housing to extend your devices lifetime

We provide stainless steel protective housings of high quality for several biometric devices (MorphoAccess® Sigma Lite Series, MorphoAccess® Sigma, MorphoAccess® Sigma Extreme, MorphoAccess® VP Series, MorphoWave™ Compact). This is a good and strong solution to extend the device lifetime. Our protective housings are made in France. We also provide user-friendly protective housing for readers that require just a wave of the hand, such as the MorphoWave Compact.

Useful options for comfort and convenience

We also provide useful options for comfort, such as a pedestal for the MorphoWave Compact. The biometric reader is placed on the top of the pedestal, in order to have it at man’s height, for better convenience. This installation guarantees time saving and fast flow of people.

We have designed spacers for several biometric readers to hide the cables inside, to simplify the installation on solid walls such as load-bearing pillars or marble for example.

We also have desk stand for MorphoAccess® Sigma Lite Series and MorphoTablet, for desktop enrolment or showrooms purposes. A stylus is also available for the MorphoTablet. 

High quality protections

Our products are made of high quality materials. They guarantee to protect the devices, extend their lifetime, and simplify the installation and use.

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