Focus on the MorphoAccess® SIGMA Extreme Series

Article 38 : Focus on the MorphoAccess® SIGMA Extreme Series

This product is part of the MorphoAccess series of biometric readers. It is powerful, robust and packed with features just like the others in the SIGMA Family. This biometric reader can be used indoor or outdoor and under any weather condition.

Use case

The device is strong and designed to endure harsh environments and different sites like seaports, mines, construction sites, manufacturing sites, power plants and many more. The fingerprint sensor of the product is ranked #1 in the world.

The sealed front and rear enclosure of the device allow it to be water and dust resistant. It has time and attendance functions like providing real-time employee notifications. It also manages job codes and has access to time slots and holiday schedules.

The Sigma Extreme is part of the SIGMA Family devices, and it can be integrated with any of them to secure any place.

Benefits and performance of SIGMA Extreme

There is a single optical fingerprint sensor on this product, and it is the largest on the market. The device is full of features that place it at a vantage point against competitors. Some of the key features and advantages of the device are the following:

  • It is IK09 rated, meaning it can endure powerful impacts and withstand vandalism.
  • It is IP65 rated, which makes it resistant to water and dust. The touch housing is made of strong polycarbonate plastics, making it resistant to UV and weathering.
  • Its capacitive touchscreen has tempered glass, making it durable. It is also bright and automatically adjusts the display lighting based on the surrounding.
  • It has built-in cameras and speakers, allowing employees to report an issue on the spot from the time clock. It is also useful to the security team for surveillance purposes as it can relay images and videos remotely.
  • You can connect the device to a computer via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable. The embedded web server allows administrators to configure the device and get transaction logs.
  • Anti-fraud features like face detection and picture logging, timed anti-passback function, fake finger detection, tamper switches and many other features make this product secure and suitable for any use case.