How fingerprint readers have adapted to a contactless world

Morphowave Compact vs VisionPass - Biotime Biometrics

From speech recognition to facial recognition, you don’t have to look far to see how advancements in biometrics have shaped our approach to security for a few years now. Advances in technology have made most biometric security systems much more affordable and above all more secure for many businesses and institutions.

What is a biometric fingerprint reader?

A biometric fingerprint reader is an authorization system that scans and saves a unique copy of an individual’s fingerprint. Then this printout will be compared with the stored data entries of authorized users; and if the fingerprint matches, the system will grant access to the user.

The advantages of contactless fingerprint readers

The solution is to combine contactless inputs with high levels of security, which is what Biotime Biometrics is proud to defend through our partnership with IDEMIA and its unique contactless fingerprint reader, the MorphoWave Compact.

The MorphoWave Compact, which uses the most advanced security technologies, allows users to access a building through the fingerprint reader with a simple wave of the hand. During ID verification, the non-contact scanner scans four fingers simultaneously, while creating a 3D image in less than a second to determine if the scan matches a user known to the database.

In addition to their speed and efficiency, contactless biometric readers such as the MorphoWave Compact, which reduces energy consumption, offer an improved user experience while minimizing the risk of infection and cross-contamination due to the use of non-contact detection.

Another solution: VisionPass contactless biometric reader

VisionPass is a frictionless biometric access control device which doesn’t require any contact with the device. VisionPass is a robust and reliable device and also the most powerful facial recognition device on the market.

This reader is able to provide near-motion 1-second verification, through several angles, for persons of all sizes, and under all light conditions (from complete obscurity to strong light). This product is useful to secure your premises and it’s a protection against spoofing attempts.

Contactless biometric readers for your business

To obtain additional information about our contactless biometric readers, you can download the MorphoWave Compact brochure and the VisionPass brochure. Otherwise, you can contact us now for more information.