MorphoTablet 2i: The powerful biometric tablet


Biometrics are by far the most convenient and reliable way to identify and authenticate people. For law enforcement, border control or businesses wishing to verify employee / visitor credentials, the use of mobile devices for fingerprint and facial recognition has already proven to be safe and invaluable.

Today, IDEMIA has developed this high level biometric solution: MorphoTablet ™ 2i. It allows improved universality and security by integrating three biometric data into a single mobile terminal: fingerprint, face and now iris.

MorphoTablet 2i : 3 en 1 mobile biometric tablet from IDEMIA range

The MorphoTablet 2i is an ultra secure biometric tablet thanks to the multitude of on-board technologies it integrates.

In addition to the features of previous MorphoTablets, which have been very successful, the Morphotablet 2i incorporates additional iris recognition technology.

This 3-in-1 multimodal tablet increases universality and security.

Morphotablet is already in use in many industries around the world including civilian enlistment and elections, time management and border control, and e-KYC.

Morphotablet 2i main characteristics 

  • Design
  • Big screen
  • Ultra secure
  • Very powerful
  • Fast
  • Integrated card readers: Mifare, HID, Desfire

For more information on MorphoTablet, you can download its brochure or can contact us now using our contact form.