IziTime: The Time Attendance Software

Article 55 : IziTime: The Time Attendance Software

Description of IziTime, the Attendance Software

IziTime is a web software that is accessible on all devices, including desktops and mobile devices. All you need is a strong internet connection to make it work efficiently. Time management should be simple, intuitive and well-flowing. This software offers companies all the crucial features of full-time management.

This software is integrated with biometric and card readers from the IDEMIA range. IDEMIA is a top-leading brand in the biometric industry. The software has two distinct solutions for clocking in. The first one involves using a contactless range such as Morphowave or VisionPass. The second option is the classic range with the badge readers and fingerprint sensors from Sigma Wide, Sigma Extreme and Sigma Lite Plus.

It helps with employee and schedule management, and you can also edit reports in various formats like Excel, CSV and TXT. An even more interesting feature of the software is that you can clock in remotely if the department head authorizes you.

Main Features of the Software

  • Time attendance
  • Integrated with IDEMIA range of biometric and card readers
  • It can be used on different devices, including desktop, mobile and tablet
  • Employee management
  • Schedule management
  • Remote clock-in
  • Enrolment and card encoding
  • Reports

The Benefits of the Software

1. It helps with the management of employees through:

  • Personnel sheets
  • Department management
  • Planning management
  • Leave management

2. Helps with managing the schedule by:

  • Creating fixed or variable daily schedules
  • Managing breaks for all slots: free, fixed, deducted or not, punched or not
  • Coming up with vacations, overtime, sick leave and other counters
  • Scheduling rotations

3. Managing reports through:

  • Calculating working hours and counters on a weekly or monthly basis
  • General overview of the entire plan and any unusual factors
  • Generating necessary statistics
  • Data export in EXCEL, CSV, JSON, TXT and PDF formats

4. Settings

  • Tolerances of delay and early start
  • Selection of displayed anomalies
  • Creation of the counters
  • Creation of public holidays
  • Configuration of group and user rights