IDEMIA, a leading company in the biometrics market

Article 56 : IDEMIA, a leading company in the biometrics market

IDEMIA is one of the leading companies with expertise in biometric readers and devices. It guarantees high performance and authentication in the digital world. The company focuses on developing safety and security solutions for citizens. The following are enough reasons why you should always pick this trusted company:

The company offers well researched devices…

In designing the market-leading solution, IDEMIA ensures all the products are well researched. It relies primarily on permanent, natural, and reliable features to check identities. They include face, iris, and fingerprints which are the body’s biometric data.

Researchers use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and algorithms to develop authentic and high-performance devices. The final derivative ensures accurate, satisfactory and efficient results in real-time situations. Indeed, the products are tested internally and always certified by worldwide recognized institutions.

And uses different sourced data…

IDEMIA obtains data from different sources to ensure high performance unlike other companies. It sources this data from our employees and clients who voluntarily use their biometric.

This company also creates synthetic images, they are fictional qualitative synthetic facial images and fingerprints created by Generative Adversarial Network. It uses them to test the scheme at scale in full abidance with the laws and regulations.

Fully tested readers for good results

IDEMIA has regularly participated in the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) benchmarking. The company has consistently been ranked at the top, and it leads on fairness in the biometric algorithm. This is because, in 2021, facial recognition 1:N achieved the best results among 75 tested systems.

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