SIGMA Extreme: the most robust biometric reader on the market

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Sigma Extreme is one of the most robust readers in the IDEMIA line of biometric products. Based on the same platform as other SIGMA devices, the outdoor SIGMA Extreme is specifically designed to operate in difficult environments (dust, salt mist, tough manual workplaces, etc.) and in harsh weather conditions. With the entire SIGMA Family, integrators have a complete range of biometric terminals at their disposal, compatible with each other, to secure any kind of use case scenario – whether indoors or outdoors.

Sigma Extreme: Key features

World #1 fingerprint technology

  • Fingerprint technology is consistently ranked # 1 by NIST for its accuracy
  • Scalable identification capacity: 1: 5K (default), 1: 10K, 1: 50K or 1: 100K users
  • Identification 1: 100,000 in less than a second (for frequent users)
  • Guaranteed accuracy regardless of the number of users in the database

Anti-fraud features

  • Patented and BSI certified optronic false finger detection technology 
  • Face detection
  • Option “finger under constraint”

Time & attendance functions :

  • Biometric time clock with touch screen and 16 programmable function keys
  • Automated planning of access ranges
  • Recording of scores (up to 1 million transactions in memory)
  • Real-time display of messages dedicated to employees
  • Cost center management

Videophone : 

  • Integrated camera, speaker and microphone
  • Standard IP interface, audio and video

Embedded web server :

  • Connection (via Ethernet or optional Wi-Fi) to a laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Enroll users directly on the terminal

Flexible architecture :

  • Prox®, iClass® or MIFARE® / DESFire® / NFC contactless reader (optional)

Sigma Extreme: For demanding environments 

As mentioned previously, Sigma Extreme from IDEMIA can be deployed in many environments. Among these we have:

Manufacturing sites, oil and gas, mines, power plants, construction sites, railroad industry, airports, seaports, sports arenas, campuses and many others… 

It will surely suit yours !

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