Why is facial recognition the future of biometrics?

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Facial recognition is getting better every year! It fascinates with its complexity and is increasingly establishing itself as a fast and reliable means of authentication in many areas. Why is it the future of biometrics?

Facial recognition: The future of security?

“Forgot your password ?” or even “Reset your password”… Who has never faced these irritating situations when it comes the time to authenticate ? While it can sometimes be difficult to remember your username, retrieving your password is often a nightmare.

At a time when companies are trying to meet the challenges of a smooth access experience, many want to get rid of the password and some have even already taken steps to replace it with other methods of access authentication such as fingerprint authentication or facial recognition.

In the case of facial biometrics, a 2D or 3D sensor “captures” a face, then transforms it into digital data through the operation of an algorithm and compares it to a database. It is in a way a faithful and enhanced replica of the process at work in the human brain. This is the case with VisionPass, one of the latest biometric readers from IDEMIA ! It offers a high level of security, as well as the ease and speed of use necessary to guarantee and always improve the experience for users or your employees.

VisionPass allows you to identify or verify the identity of your employees or customers in just a few seconds based on the characteristics of their faces : distance between the eyes, the edges of the nose, the ears, the chin, etc.

VisionPass: a reference in biometrics

To this day, VisionPass facial recognition technology remains the reference in biometrics.

It is easy to deploy and implement. There is no physical interaction required by the end user. In addition, the face detection and matching (for verification / identification) processes are very fast.

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