New : our full-web time attendance software (Saas) IziTime

iziTIME software - Biotime Biometrics

Let us introduce you to our new time attendance software ! It’s full-web and embedded with IDEMIA biometric range, world leader in biometric technologies. This software is available on every device ( computers, smartphones ) and all you need is an Internet connection.

Main features of our new full-web time attendance software

We have designed the time attendance software Izitime to meet several needs of time management. IziTime allows employee management, with personnel sheets, and department, planning and leave management. It also allows schedule management, with fixed or variable daily schedules, breaks management, planning of rotations, creation of counters…

The software can generate reports, calculations of working hours, overviews, statistics and all of them can be exported in several formats. Several settings are available to set the tolerances of delay and early start up, the counters, the public holidays, the user rights…

Nowadays, there are several situations where remote clock-in can be useful : teleworking, moving sales representatives… In order to meet this particular and new need of companies, IziTime allows remotely clocking-in, with the authorization of the department head.

The strength of our software : embedded with IDEMIA biometric products

IziTime is embedded with the latest readers from the IDEMIA biometric range. There are two solutions to clock-in thanks to the software : on the first hand, IziTime is embedded with IDEMIA contactless range. They are biometric readers such as the VisionPass or the Morphowave Compact

But IziTime also works with the fingerprint and badge readers from the classic Sigma range. We count in this one : biometric readers such as Sigma Lite, Sigma Extreme

You will understand, as its name suggests, Izitime is a simple and accessible software.

Biotime Biometrics provides you a very new and efficient software designed to work with IDEMIA range and embedded with IDEMIA products.

Do you want more information about our full-web software ?

If you’re interested in our new time attendance software, you can visit our web page or contact us. Don’t hesitate to download the brochure.