The MorphoAccess Sigma Lite from IDEMIA

Sigma Lite - Biotime Biometrics

Do you know the MorphoAccess Sigma Lite? He is one of the latest additions to the Morpho line from IDEMIA. Biotime Biometrics official distributor tells you more about this small reader but which has great capacities!

Sigma Lite: Compact biometrics

The Sigma Lite is recognized as the biometric reader whose fingerprint technology is known to be the best in the world. Why? With its flawless precision, it can authenticate 10,000 users in identification mode in less than a second. In addition, it has an optical sensor PIV IQS certified by the FBI. But its greatest quality remains its ergonomics. Its compact size allows it to be installed anywhere. It is therefore a format very suitable for small spaces such as door frames in particular, turnstiles, server racks … With the Sigma Lite you are guaranteed to secure your workplaces at the lower cost!

Sigma Lite and Sigma Lite +: Robust readers

The Sigma Lite can also be declined in Sigma LIte Plus. This version has a touch screen and a time management module. Thanks to this version, the reader can be deployed in many environments. These are two readers that combine robustness, aesthetics and ease of use. In addition, you have the choice of contactless technology to integrate: Prox®, iClass®, MIFARE®, MIFARE® Plus, DESFire®, NFC. Fake finger detection, an IK08 vandal resistant (on Sigma Lite version) and IP65 weatherproof system as well as the speed of identification are also significant features of the Sigma Lite.

What to remember from this reader

It is a reader suitable for the real world:

  • It has a robust design
  • Its installation and maintenance are easy
  • It is compatible with existing installations (Morpho, Bioscrypt)
  • Economic 

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