About MorphoWave XP / Compact

Article 58 : About MorphoWave XP / Compact

As the technology continues to advance, security sector is not left behind. Because the technology also comes with its disadvantages such as increase in fraud, advanced security must therefore be used to help protect properties and premises. The most preferred and efficient technology to help curb the problem is the use of biometric readers.

An eXtended Performance biometric reader…

Morphowave XP is the solution to most of the security problems. It is a contactless fingerprint scanner that is fast, reliable and efficient. Therefore it provides high security at work places. The latest versions of the MorphoWave XP are embedded with IDEMIA’s technology which makes it more advanced in the use of artificial intelligence. The biometric reader is easy to use and works well whether the hand is dirty, dry or wet.

It has the capability of supporting access to mobile control solutions and HID Prox. In addition, it can also scan QR codes that are printed to help in managing visitors. It is a solution that scans and verifies four fingerprints at a faster speed by a touchless hand wave gesture on either right or left hand. It scans the four fingers in 3D to ensure accuracy in matching the fingerprints for high security.

…for the most demanding projects

This technology has contributed a lot in access control to enhance tight security in several sectors and businesses. MorphoWave technology has been used to reduce traffic in different access points such as infrastructure facilities, financial institutions, health care and education facilities.

The technology has come a long with several advantages. The major advantage of this is that it is more convenient and reliable. It also gives employees easy time in accessing their places of work. It therefore prevents them from making long queues hence saving time. It is also not affected by environmental factors such as dust and external light. On hygiene matters, it mitigates hygiene concern and cannot cause any hygienic problem to any person that uses it.

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