Access Control by a Biometric Reader

Article 60 : Access Control by a Biometric Reader

A Biometric reader is a device used to increase security by creating a layer of verification. Most Biometric readers use face, fingerprint, palm print or an iris scan to allow access.

Access Control

Biometric readers analyze biological data using technology to allow the person access to the material protected by the security protocol. The data uses specific physical traits that a person may have to allow access. Without these physical traits, the person will not be granted access to a secure building. Biometrics prevent hacking or data breaches, but for physical security, they prevent access.

How fingerprint readers work

People have to be enrolled in a system for the template to work. Once generated, an enhanced picture of grid lines is taken with a scanner. The characteristics are collected and integrated into the system. The template created has ridge endings, bifurcations, position and direction. When the finger is presented on the scanner, the stored template acts as the database and matches the fingerprint on the database. The fingerprint readers are accurate and add an extra layer of protection to access cards.

IDEMIA products

IDEMIA is a leading company in the biometrics industry. They offer a wide range of devices that have high performance and authentication. The company’s main focus is safety and security for its users. IDEMIA offers well-researched devices that rely on permanent recognition features that are not easy to replicate. The company obtains data from different sources to ensure high performance from their devices. The company participates in the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). It’s consistently ranked top because facial recognition 1: N achieved the best results among other tested systems. 

The company includes several devices such as the:

  • Sigma Lite / Sigma Lite+
  • Sigma Wide
  • Sigma Extreme
  • MorphoWave

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