Biometrics: reinforced security system

Article 45 : Biometrics: reinforced security system

In every company, security is vital. Most companies focus on installing the latest security system such as biometric readers to enhance and improve efficiency. A biometric reader is a security system used to grant or deny access to the secured company system. Biometric security systems are popular and sophisticated devices that aid in capturing and recording information to verify one’s identity. 

The devices act as a way of authenticating and granting an authorized user access to the required place or information. 

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Below, focus on two technologies.

Fingerprint sensor

The device uses the fingerprint sensor to authenticate information. Upon installing the device, the new user is asked to put the finger on it, where it records unique data from the fingerprint to the device. The fingerprint scanner acts as a security system that will only grant access to the people whose information have been recorded to the system.

Facial recognition

Facial recognition is a way of identifying unique traits by using the face. Since everyone has a unique look, the reader can identify these traits and record them in the system. Thus, upon new access, the user will only be required to look at the device to scan the face to gain access.

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