The MorphoTablet 2

Article 44 : The MorphoTablet 2

Biometrics is the analysis of individuals’ unique behavioural and physical attributes. Many use this technology for identifying individuals and granting access to selected personnel. There has been significant adoption of the technology globally. The commonly used biometric identifiers include:

  • fingerprints
  • iris
  • face structure
  • voice detection
  • identification cards.

Companies like IDEMIA have specialized in producing devices for biometrics authentication purposes These includes the MorphoTablet 2.

Versions of MorphoTablet 2 in the market

As earlier mentioned, the MorphoTablet 2 is a product of IDEMIA and IDEMIA has produced two versions of the MorphoTablet:

  • MorphoTablet 2S
  • MorphoTablet 2i.

The MorphoTablet 2 is embedded with several technologies. These include:

  • Identification document readers
  • signature readers
  • fingerprint
  • iris
  • face features
  • contact card readers
  • contactless card readers.

The difference between the two versions is the iris recognition feature. It is embedded in the MorphoTablet 2i. The tablets also have 2G/3G/4G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth network connectivity that ensures a faster data transfer process.

Situations in which the MorphoTablet 2 can be used

For some time now, biometrics has been the most efficient method of authenticating and identifying people. The IDEMIA mobile biometric can be used in several situations such as:

  • Civil registrations and elections.
  • Criminal identification and unknown person identification
  • Access control
  • Border control
  • Recording of employee time attendance and visitors entrance time
  • KYC procedures in financial institutions.

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