MorphoWave range: Contactless Fingerprint Scanner by IDEMIA

Article 66 : MorphoWave range: Contactless Fingerprint Scanner by IDEMIA

A contactless fingerprint scanner is perfect for situations dealing with long queues requiring high accuracy and throughput levels. It can provide easy and quick fingerprint capture in a contactless way. IDEMIA’s fingerprint scanners have small footprints which make it possible for use in desktop settings or other systems. The contactless fingerprint scanner works intuitively and is designed in a way that is easy to use to allow users efficiently move through high-traffic situations. For instance, they can be used in ID verification, access control, time and attendance applications, and border control cases.

The Contactless Fingerprint Scanner by IDEMIA

This contactless fingerprint scanner can be used on any premises. The MorphoWave range is very efficient in that it can scan four fingerprints in less than a second by way of a touchless hand wave sign.

The contactless fingerprint reader is available in two versions which are:

Morphowave SP: This contactless fingerprint SP (Simplified Profile) contains all the essentials of Morphowave technology. It has a simplified profile of up to 10,000 user records and a simplified user interface through multicolour LED indicators.

Morphowave XP: The fingerprint scanner XP (Extended Performance) biometric reader can be used in the most demanding projects. It has a user record of up to 100k in 1:n mode and 60 people in a minute. It is ideal for time and attendance-use instances, for it has a large haptic screen designed for user interaction.

These two biometrics readers can work efficiently even with dirty, dry, wet hands or damaged fingerprints. Morphowave’s card reader also significantly supports MIFARE, iCLASS, HID Prox and mobile access control solutions.

Advantages of IDEMIA contactless fingerprint scanner

Versatile and Easy Deployment

The biometric readers are powered over Ethernet (PoE+) and are IP65 rated to ensure easy deployment and frictionless access control in each location.

Convenience and Security

Their users are positively distinguished with an easy hand wave. The sensor technology of the notable contactless fingerprint scanner scans 4 fingerprints in 3D, ensuring that fingerprint matching is very accurate and reliable for the highest security levels.

High Throughput

The unbeatable throughput of this sensor provides more user benefits and helps people to avoid queues which is beneficial at peak hours.