What you need to know about IDEMIA fingerprint sensors?

Article 65 : What you need to know about IDEMIA fingerprint sensors?

Fingerprint technology has become widespread in today’s Internet of Things (IoT) software and apps because it enhances security and fluidity. These sensors also make it feasible to authenticate users correctly, particularly at the level of smartphones and other mobile devices.

Every person has distinguishable and provable qualities that are unshared with anybody else and are exclusive to them alone. Since fingerprints one cannot modify or eliminate fingerprints, they are a perfect answer to the identity problem. Read on to learn more about fingerprint sensors.

Why Choose IDEMIA Fingerprint Sensors?

The administration of access control has an important part to play in the safety of public buildings, and accurate time and attendance data are essential for applications that involve human resources.

IDEMIA offers a comprehensive selection of cutting-edge biometrics access control devices. These products help protect different kinds of locations. Access control and time and attendance solutions have never been more accurate, reliable or affordable than they are, thanks to the capabilities of these contact biometric scanners. The technology has what it takes to cater to each customer’s requirements and provide users with an optimal experience.

How Optical Fingerprint Sensors Work

Optical sensors reflect light onto ultrasensitive sensors composed of semiconductors oxidised with metal, which turn light into electrical impulses. In other words, they use a strong light to illuminate fingerprints and then take digital photographs of those fingerprints.

Once the digital picture of the user’s biometrics has been obtained by analysing the ridges and valleys of the print, the microchip inside the sensor will convert the image into a binary sequence (either 1 or 0), producing the user’s personal and distinctive code.

Occasionally the sensor must take many pictures of the same finger to generate a complete image of your fingerprints.