MorphoSmart 1350 implementations

Article-41 : MorphoSmart 1350 implementations

The MorphoSmart 1350, commonly abbreviated MSO 1350, is a USB smartcard coupled with a fingerprint sensor for secure desktop applications. It is mainly designed for match-on-card authentication and user identification. It is a new safety standard that people can use for different applications. Here is more about these fingerprint sensors.

In the field of computer security

The MSO 1350 is a USB smartcard coupled with a fingerprint sensor. Most people use this biometric system to secure their desktop applications in computer security. In this case, it is ideal for server authentication and user identification that needs to be monitored. This device is compliant with government-grade security requirements. This means that it can be used for different applications in the industry without worries.

For safe money transactions

With the MSO 1350, financial operations may become more secure since this product has an integrated fingerprint sensor on the smartcard device to verify the user identity. It is compliant with payment card industry (PCI) standards. Thus, whatever transaction that needs to be done will have a strong security requirement.

For voting purposes

The MSO 1350 is ideal for voters who are looking forward to secure voting processes in elections. In order to make sure that there is no fraud or even manipulation of the votes, this device plays a crucial role in ensuring that everything is done according to the security protocols.

For more secure access to buildings and data centers

With the MSO 1350, people are now capable of having secure buildings. This device will provide a higher level of authentication when you need something to be accessed by certain privileged groups in an organization. It can also be used in data centres where they are running high-security protocols.


The MorphoSmart 1350 is one of the newest technologies that you need to learn. This is because every year brings major hacking incidents and other issues related to computer safety. It has an added layer of protection for your equipment, especially regarding financial transactions, voting processes, buildings and data centers.

A new safety level of IT security is now put into place with this device.

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